Let's prevent and educate on Malaria!

Carrie Beltz (left)
Vice President, Treasurer, & Fundraising Coordinator.

Dana Colbert-Parry (middle)
Added to Board in 2014.

In 2008, I traveled to Ghana, Africa. I did not take malaria prophylaxis, and as a result of septic shock, I lost parts of my four limbs. As a result of this loss, I created AAM to make a difference for others who live in malaria regions worldwide. AAM has been greatly supported by my friends and family, who are equally responsible for the success of this organization. Thank you, Dawn



Our founder

2010 - AAM was created in 2010 by three board members: Dawn Dubsky, Carrie Beltz, and Peter Wynacht.

2014 - Peter Wynacht resigned and Dana Colbert-Parry was added to the board.

2014 - Dawn created & sent 1,000 children's books about malaria to Ghana, Africa.

2015 - Dawn to attend the Ghanaian festival in Chicago on July 25, 2015. 

2016 - Mike Colbert has volunteered to travel to Ghana, Africa. He will assist with: building an educational clinic, bringing two more books about malaria created by Dawn Dubsky, and by providing communities with insect repellant. Mike will be presenting the books at a preschool and high school in Ghana. Dr. Cynthia Dillard and Henry Dillard will assist in coordinating and guiding this project. Thank you to All.


recent projects

Dawn is presently working on two books about malaria for preschool and high school aged children.

our leadership team

Foundation History

mission & vision

Mission:  To educate children and families about malaria prevention and to provide up-to-date education. Vision:  To build an educational structure in Ghana, Africa.


Please e-mail Dawn Dubsky CEO & Founder if interested in participating.dawndub@yahoo.com